S&R Technology Group Services

S & R Technology Group has developed a proven methodology for helping to improve business results through the intelligent use of Internet technologies. This methodology has a focus on several core principles/ideas which build the foundation for a solid and secure data infrastructure. There are five main elements of this methodology.

1. Total Information System: Every business has a total information system in place. This system may be automated with computer technology in some places and in other places it is not. Before the project of "getting our Internet Site done" can be launched, a look at the total information system (TIS) for the company is needed to determine a strategy to develop the future TIS for the company around Internet technology. This means that the future of the TIS will be web based information which can be easily shared with various audiences. This also means that the business should consider the Internet, Extra-Net and Intranet implications to site development.

2. End User Publication: Where ever it is possible, the publication of web content should be placed in the hands of the authors and publishers who are responsible for the information content on an on-going basis. Procedures for publication should be designed so the original author of the information has the capability to publish it for any number of audiences who will need the information in a web based format.

3. Data Driven Web Sites: All web site work should be based around data driven pages rather than static pages. The nature of the web allows for rapid deployment of information and rapid changes. By building a data driven web site, you are empowered to make your web site reflect the changes in your day to day business. It is also much easier for authors and publishers of web based content to update a database which will change the information displayed throughout the web.

4. Web Based Directory Services: Directory services for a web site are critical for making the site (and the TIS behind it) accessible to various audiences. Directory services provides the proper security to control access to various portions of the company's TIS. Directory services also provides the personalizing which makes the information on a site more useful for each end user of the site.

5. Respect People System: Directory services requires a back end system which validates and confirms the profile information for each end user of the site. Keeping the profile information current and accurate will enhance the ability of the web sites to provide timely information to those who need it. Respecting people is, in part, about being able to do simple things like "remember their name" and "spell it correctly". With all the hype about Internet security and privacy, people still want us to "get it right" when it comes to personal information which they may have chosen to share.

Of course we can also help you with web site design, web site programming and web site hosting.