Web Data to Excel

This page shows you how to take web output data in tables and bring it in to Excel for sorting/printing/etc.

1. Right click on this link to download the formatted Excel Spreadsheet you will need: Right Mouse Here

2. Select the Save target as to save the file on your computer. You will only need to download this file once.

3. Open the spreadsheet in Excel .

5. Data --> Get External Data --> Edit Query

6. Copy and paste the following url into the Browse Web Box - http://www.srtechgroup.com/help/showrecords2.cfm?State=MI

7. Save the Excel spreadsheet

8. Open the Outputfile.xls spreadsheet and go to Data --> !Refresh Data - this will download the fresh data.

9. Use the Data --> Get External Data --> Edit Query to change the state from MI to FL or any other valid two letter state code to see golf courses in that state. After closing the editing window, the query will refresh.

10. When printing Excel will use the top two rows as headers for each page.