S&R Technology Group A.S.P. Services

S & R Technology Group provides a fully developed set of application templates to help your company enhance it's use of Internet Technology. All of these templates are integrated seamlessly into your public Internet site, your Extranet for customers and vendors and your Intranet for your employees.

All these templates can be customized to fit your business requirements. Tables are stored in MS SQL database for fast operation.

These templates are organized in the following modules:

  1. Contact Manager/Directory Services Manager
    • Add/Edit/Delete Contacts
    • Control access to private sections of public web site, access to Extranets and Intranet
    • Search on multiple fields
    • Full text searching on designated fields
    • Convenient Email Address Updating
    • Graphical Summary of various contact types
  2. Administration
    • Indexing Contacts Table for full-text searching
    • Edit Contact Types
    • Manage Webtrends Web Site Reports
    • Graphical View of Site Login Activity
    • File Manager to manage all web site files
    • Table editor to add/edit records to any site table
    • Colors - manage and edit color scheme for Intranet backend
  3. Groups (Lists)
    • Add contacts to multiple groups (lists)
    • Send simple emails to each group
    • Download groups to an excel spreadsheet
  4. Catalog Manager
    • Add/edit catalog items
    • Add/edit catalog categories
    • Manage item status (Active,Inactive,Archive)
  5. Public Catalog/Shopping cart
    • Public catalog browsing/searching
    • Public shopping cart
    • Integrated to your merchant account
  6. Back End Order Processing
    • Enter phone orders, fax orders, mailed in orders
    • Shown order status (authorized, shipped, etc.)
    • Generate various sales reports by product, by category, etc.
  7. Web Site Feedback
    • Manage all web site forms
    • Track web site activity
    • Interact with web site visitors
  8. Promotions
    • Create/Edit HTML promotional material for display on web site or to be sent by email
    • Create manage various letterheads to merge with promotional emails
    • Test promotional emails
    • Send emails to all for the groups created in the groups module
  9. Contracts
    • Create multiple custom contract templates
    • Create proposals for customers in the contact
    • Fax, Email or print contracts
  10. Sales Cycle Management
    • Manage sales process from initial contact to final sale
  11. Web Site Maintenance
    • Manage data tables which display information on the public site
  12. Billable Time Entry
    • Enter billable time for contacts in the contacts table
    • Summary of billable time by customer and by employee