The people who carry out the I-Net roles require organizational entities to provide communication and coordination support as they do their work. The four basic organizational entities for the I-Net are:

I-Net Organizational Committees

  • The I-Net Steering Committee
  • I-Net Web Councils
  • I-Net Editorial Boards
  • I-Net Technical Committee

    The I-Net Steering Committee is composed of top level management within the organization. This committee is responsible for approving policies, procedures and standards submitted by the various I-Net Web Councils. The charter and responsibilities of the I-Net Web Councils are determined by the I-Net Steering Committee. The I-Net Steering committee will ultimately control and assure coordination for all the I-net publication activities.

    Reporting directly to the In-Net Steering Committee is the I-Net Administrator. The I-Net Administrator is responsible for facilitating cooperative opportunities among the various I-Net Web Councils and business units. This is not a technical role although some understanding of the technology is required. The I-Net Administrator is primarily a manager and facilitator. The I-Net Administrator chairs each of the I-Net Web Councils. Next Page