Does your company have a Chief Information Office (CIO)?

You probably have a CEO and a CFO and perhaps a COO but do you have a CIO? The role of a CIO for a company is no less important than the roles played by the other Cxx's in the organization. For large companies, a CIO is a full time job for a senior level administrator who has a technology background. For small and medium sized companies, the role of the CIO need not be a full time position and that is where S&R Technology Group can help.

Most small and medium sized companies have an attorney and a CPA who provide professional services on an on-going, as-needed basis. The goal of S&R Technology Group is to provide on-going, as-needed CIO services to small and medium sized businesses.

Photo of Bo Reahard, President SR Tech Group
Bo Reahard, President

Acting as your CIO, S&R Technology Group can help you to use computer technology in ways that will help you to accomplish you business objectives.

Mr. Reahard brings his unique talents and perspective to S & R Technology Group. "One of the things I bring to the table is the ability to design and develop a single web site which handles not only the Internet needs of the organization but also their Extranet and Intranet needs as well." This allows a common database of information to be shared across all the corporate audiences. We then provide the company control over proprietary information by implementing a comprehensive directory services strategy.

Why end up frustrated when you can call on S & R Technology Group to provide all the services you need to make the most out of your investments. From our initial consultation we work for you. We listen to your needs and come up with a plan to get you the presence you want and deserve for your technology dollars. Then we design the back end tasks required to implement your approved strategy. Things like data structures, data transformation, site design, site programming, hosting, etc. can all be provided by S & R Technology Group. S & R Technology group is based in Tampa Florida and serves clients from coast to coast.

"Too many people throw up a web site because someone told them it would help their business. They use a generic program or get some free advice from their sister's first cousin's best friend and then wonder why their web site doesn't serve the needs of their business," says founder Bo Reahard about his reasons for developing S & R Technology Group.

"If you look at the dot com fiascos of the 90's and the pie in the sky dreams of conjuring something out of nothing only to leave investors high and dry, you have to ask yourself how you can avoid those pitfalls and still harness the power of the internet to work for you. That's where we come in. At S & R Technology Group we show small business owners how to be smarter in your use of technology, how to maximize your web investment dollars so that your site does everything you want it to do and more. No more 1-5 page static pages that give information but nothing else. No more "under construction" sites that never seem to get finished. When you launch your site with us you can be assured that it will portray the presence you want for your company and meet your customers and clients needs."

President and founder, Bo Reahard is also the lead technology consultant for S & R Technology Group. In his more than 35 years experience in the computer industry he has helped hundreds of clients to web enable their businesses, to streamline their order processes, to cut not only costs but the time it takes to process orders.

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